Inspired by Changi’s rustic charm

/ EdgeProp Singapore
October 30, 2020 6:00 AM SGT
SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) - This year, the EdgeProp Excellence Awards has introduced a new category, the Showflat Excellence Award. This recognises showflats’ integral role in communicating a development’s attributes and informing buyers’ decisions.
Chip Eng Seng Corp’s Parc Komo won the Showflat Excellence Award. The mixed-use development also took home the Marketing Excellence Award and the Top Development Award for the category of uncompleted projects in a non-Central region.
Parc Komo is a freehold mixed-use development with 276 residential units and 28 retail shops. (Picture: Albert Chua/The Edge Singapore)
Parc Komo, a freehold development, is located on Jalan Miriam, off Upper Changi Road North, and comprises 276 residential units and 28 retail units. As the only new mixed-use development in the vicinity, the development saw keen take-up from buyers who appreciate the lifestyle and convenience it offers.

Communicating unique selling points

Changi’s idyllic coastal setting, tranquil environment and pockets of greenery inspired the architecture and design of Parc Komo. The wellness and lifestyle aspects are portrayed at Parc Komo’s sales gallery.
The judges praised the development team for designing a showflat that creatively conveys the project’s key attributes, as well as showcasing functional aspects of each unit type. The showstopper piece at the show gallery is a 3.8m terrarium that doubles as the reception counter. Three show units exhibit the two-, three-, and five-bedroom configurations.
The two-bedroom show unit features a loft-style, open-plan living concept. “The design concept was inspired by the past coastal settlements surrounding Changi Beach and the jetty. We translated the nostalgic image into rustic concrete and cement finishes and basic neutral tones, and injected tropical greenery as design accents,” the developer says.
The two-bedroom show unit - EDGEPROP SINGAPORE
The two-bedroom show unit features a loft-style, open-plan living concept. The design was inspired by past coastal settlements surrounding Changi Beach and the jetty. (Picture: Albert Chua/The Edge Singapore)
The design of the three-bedroom show unit was inspired by the aesthetics of wellness retreats, and is targeted to appeal to young families that appreciate wellness and a travel lifestyle. According to the developer, “the living and dining areas in this unit are placed diagonally and a synchronised colour palette and finishes connect the two spaces”.
Meanwhile, the concept of the five-bedroom unit reflects natural living, and the tones and colours portray a serene garden landscape. This unit was designed to appeal to a multi-generational family. The adjacent living and dining rooms feature similar colour palettes; a dry kitchen between the two spaces, featuring homogeneous wood panelling on the wall and ceiling, is a focal point.
Overall, Parc Komo has resonated well with home buyers, and the project was 46% sold 16 months after it was launched in May 2019.
The judges also like Parc Komo’s showflat for the functionality of its design and choice of furniture. They note that the sales gallery is designed to maximise the functionality of the three show units. Spaces within the show units are also designed with elements that are proportionate to the room size, and the rooms feature space-saving elements such as built-in carpentry and curated furniture pieces.

Marketing appeal

Parc Komo scored well in terms of its promotional strategies to communicate the product selling points, effective marketing strategies and use of technology, hence winning the Marketing Excellence Award. The development’s sales progress was also taken into consideration.
Chip Eng Seng conceived Parc Komo based on a vision of holistic living, and its development team was inspired by the heritage rain trees, flora and fauna that line some of the nature boardwalks around the Changi area.
The developer highlighted Parc Komo’s attribute as the only new mixed-use development in the vicinity at the time. “The marketing strategy for Parc Komo involved a holistic approach that presented all of these unique selling points in all of our marketing channels,” the developer says.
The judges commended the showflat design team for the creative use of space and for clearly communicating the development’s unique selling points to buyers. (Picture: Albert Chua/The Edge Singapore)
Parc Komo’s sales launch benefitted from the excitement that surrounded the government’s future development plans for the Changi region. The master plan includes a new industrial park for aviation-related industries, an expanded Changi Business Park, and a possible waterfront business and lifestyle district.
As a result of its marketing efforts, Parc Komo recorded relatively strong sales when the development was launched for sale on May 25, 2019. According to URA caveats, the 276-unit project sold 73 units during its first week of sales, which translates to 26% of the total units. By the end of September 2020, 128 units had been sold, representing 46% of the total number of units in the development.
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