Avoid the flu! 6 quick and effective methods of cleaning your home

By Felicia Tan / EdgeProp Singapore | February 19, 2020 3:00 PM SGT
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Caught the flu? Here's how to mitigate the situation at home.
Flu season generally arrives during the colder months. In sunny Singapore, that would fall between May to July, and December to February, according to healthhub.sg.
Catching the flu isn’t difficult. And once you’ve contracted it, it is easy for it to spread among people who you have close contact with.
Which is why it is important to keep your living area clean, especially if you have young children, and elderly folk, who are more susceptible to catching it even after you have recovered.

Keep the sick person at bay

Wuhan Virus - Keep the sick person at bay
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Flu spreads with proximity. If possible, limit exposure to the sick person to one bedroom, and one bathroom. During mealtimes, have a separate set of bowls, plates, and cutlery, just for said person’s use.

Toss your tissues

Wuhan Virus - Toss your tissues
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Leaving your soiled tissues behind is one of the quickest ways to catch the flu bug quickly. Make it a practice for every member in the household to clean up after him or herself.

Clear the garbage

Wuhan Virus - Clear the garbage
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In the same vein, clear your rubbish bin and take out your trash once, even twice a day. And make sure your bin is closed; even then, the germs may disseminate around the house every time the lid is opened. Once your bin is cleared, sanitise it with a sanitising spray.

Wipe it off

Wuhan Virus - Wipe it off
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Clean surfaces the sick person may have touched at least once a day with an antibacterial cleaner, or disinfectant. Common points of contact include phones, light switches, bathrooms, sofas, table tops, keyboards, utensils, door knobs, and remote controls. Either use a cloth and wash it immediately, or paper towels that can be thrown out.

Replace the sheets

Wuhan Virus - Replace the sheets
Source: Pexels
Germs have the ability to survive for a few days on fabric; if you can, change the bedsheets once every few days or a week.

Use a sanitising spray or air purifier

Wuhan Virus - Use a sanitising spray or air purifier
Source: Pexels
If you don’t have time to desanitise your home as frequently as you’d like, use a sanitising spray or air purifier to keep the air at home as clean as possible. Also, keep your windows open to let fresh air flow in, whenever you can.
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