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Yellow Pages Building is a leasehold industrial property..

Yellow Pages Building is located along Lor 2 Toa Payoh in Toa Payoh, in District 12. It is accessible through the nearest MRTs including Braddell NS18 and Caldecott TE9, CC17. Other nearby amenities include: 3 Grocerie(s): NTUC FAIRPRICE CO-OPERATIVE LTD, LIN POH LING, NTUC FAIRPRICE CO-OPERATIVE LTD, and 1 Shopping Mall: COURTS TOA PAYOH.

Buyers and tenants are attracted to District 12, which is comprised of Serangoon, Toa Payoh and Balestier, a combination of areas that has historically quaint townships. Toa Payoh New Town, built by the Housing Development Board (HDB), represents Singapore’s second satellite city after Queenstown. Serangoon is well-served by two MRT lines, including the Circle Line station completed in 2010. Serangoon is also home to Nex, one of the largest shopping malls in the North-East Region of Singapore. Nex is integrated with a bus interchange, and houses a cinema and a public library. As one of Singapore's oldest housing estates, Toa Payoh has benefitted from the government's rejuvenation efforts. It has evolved into a vibrant neighbourhood centreed around HDB Hub, which has both shopping and dining facilities, as well as an air-conditioned bus interchange. Other amenities are Toa Payoh Stadium, Toa Payoh Sports Hall and Toa Payoh Swimming Complex. The Toa Payoh Stadium can sit 3,500 people, and has hosted S.League club games.

As a major financial and business hub, the Central Region stands as the dynamic city centre of Singapore. Spanning 13,150ha in land area, the region hosts Singapore's only UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to many of the country's national monuments, such as the Merlion Park and Statue of Raffles. Although the region is designated mainly for commercial activities, it houses residential developments ranging from HDBs to bungalows. There is also plenty of greenery in the region, linked by 19km of park connectors. According to the Master Plan 2019, Orchard and Downtown will be rejuvenated as a lifestyle hub to include more mixed developments which offer live, work and play opportunities. New housing will be constructed in the Marina South Area with community facilities and amenities. Stage-6 of the Circle Line opening by 2025 will also enhance the Central Region's connectivity.
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"The building exterior looks great!"
Y*** J* E**
Google Review     |   28 Oct 2019
"My complaints email went unanswered. Then when I threaten to bring it up to the authorities then the General Manager called me. Talk like everything can settle and will settle. But 6 months later, I am still waiting. A Malaysian run company with Malaysia quality trying to make Singapore money. I don't have this impression until the GM talked to me. Then I realised their HQ is in Malaysia. Never mind, to me I will take it that my money is small donation to Malaysia."
T** S*** L***
Google Review     |   17 Apr 2019
"I am not surprise by the reviews and the responses. Their service is lousy and the staff tend to get very defensive over small matter. By the way, did I mentioned the trainer cannot speak proper English. I got shock when my son mentioned to me what he learn in their class."
L***** C******
Google Review     |   31 Jan 2019
"Anyone who gave a poor rating are labelled a "scammer". I guessed I am one too. So listen up, don't scam people their skillsfuture credits otherwise they will come back and "scam" you."
L*** Q***
Google Review     |   25 Jan 2019
"Now renamed to Braddell House, the building is still largely the same. Literally a short throw away from the Braddell MRT exit. There's no completely connected sheltered linkway between the building and the MRT station, so be prepared to shelter yourselves when arriving/leaving this building on rainy days."
S****** X**
Google Review     |   03 Jan 2019
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What is the nearest MRT Station to YELLOW PAGES BUILDING ?
The nearest MRT Station from YELLOW PAGES BUILDING is Braddell NS18 MRT

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