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Horsecity is a leasehold commercial property completed in 2003..

Horsecity is located along Turf Club Road in Bukit Timah, in District 11. It is accessible through the nearest MRTs including Sixth Avenue DT7 and King Albert Park DT6. Other nearby amenities include: 2 Grocerie(s): COLD STORAGE SINGAPORE (1983) PTE LTD, COLD STORAGE SINGAPORE (1983) PTE LTD.

Buyers and tenants are attracted to District 11, which is comprised of Thomson, Watten Estate, Novena and Newton. This area is famous for a number of renowned schools, religious houses and elite residential estates. With forests and reservoirs scattered around the Thomson area, property prices here are significantly higher compared to other parts of Singapore. The Watten district next to Bukit Timah is one of the most prestigious locations for residential estates in Singapore, sharing forest and golf course greenery as well as being close to Singapore’s Central Business District. Novena is home to the Inland Revenue Authority Building and Singapore’s largest medical centre, Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Although Newton’s pace of life is relatively slow compared to neighbouring Tanglin and Orchard, its residential properties remain expensive, as it’s strategically located between Orchard Road and Bukit Timah.

As a major financial and business hub, the Central Region stands as the dynamic city centre of Singapore. Spanning 13,150ha in land area, the region hosts Singapore's only UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to many of the country's national monuments, such as the Merlion Park and Statue of Raffles. Although the region is designated mainly for commercial activities, it houses residential developments ranging from HDBs to bungalows. There is also plenty of greenery in the region, linked by 19km of park connectors. According to the Master Plan 2019, Orchard and Downtown will be rejuvenated as a lifestyle hub to include more mixed developments which offer live, work and play opportunities. New housing will be constructed in the Marina South Area with community facilities and amenities. Stage-6 of the Circle Line opening by 2025 will also enhance the Central Region's connectivity.
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"I was upset with what happened at the stable earlier. My 8 year old fell off the horse and the trainer wasnt able to control the horse. Better think twice before sending your child for a lesson there"
A***** I******
Google Review     |   05 Jul 2022
"Im in the advanced class. The Horses are very difficult to deal with and I find the lessons a waste of time because Im not really learning or achieving anything with these horses. Id rather pay the membership fees and ride at the polo club or bukit timah saddle club, never had any issues there. Dont waste your money here."
D*** K
Google Review     |   17 Jun 2022
"Handler for pony ride is friendly. Kids love the pony ride, which is at $10 per ride."
G**** J****
Google Review     |   12 Apr 2022
"If I could give this business a 0 stars I would. I was a student at this stable for about 3 years. The only reason I rode here was because it was affordable and more accessible for those who dont want the commitment of a membership at other equestrian centres. I have been an equestrian since I was 4 years old. The conditions and things I saw first hand here are appalling. Anyone with any real equestrian experience would know so. I am honestly a little ashamed for supporting this business. 1. They claim to be a rehabilitation, retirement and rehoming facility for ex race horses. Most of these horses are not given the attention needed. They do not have the facilities to be claiming this. 2. Most staff are not trained. Many of the new instructors cannot even canter or have never cantered in their life. Grooms are changed every week due to misinformation and being untrained. 3. Staff are not made to do ANY kind of first aid training. 4. The conditions that these horses live in is inhumane. Horses and ponies live most of their lives in a tiny stall and are turned out maybe 1 time a week. 5. Every-time a horse passes away here they claim it to be old age. These horses are not at the age they should be dying. They are worked and worked until they die. There are only a handful of ponies and horses who are officially retired. But they do not receive the care they should for their age. 6. Staff are extremely overworked and underpaid. Most of the long term instructors are great and they have all my respect for the work they do. The only people who care about these horses are them. 7. Vets are hardly ever called to a sick or injured horse. 8. Communication is terrible between staff and clients/customers. Lastly, I love the people at gallop stable who really truly care. They know who they are."
G**** C******** N* L
Google Review     |   14 Feb 2022
"Really great. Nice place, people and excellent facilities and horses."
M***** W*****
Google Review     |   29 Dec 2021
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What is the nearest MRT Station to HORSECITY ?
The nearest MRT Station from HORSECITY is Sixth Avenue DT7 MRT

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